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Organic Unfragranced Soap Bar Set

Organic Unfragranced Soap Bar Set

Adornment Therapy

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Enjoy the sensation of your skin feeling revitalised with our handcrafted Organic Unfragranced Soap Bar Set!

This product is ital/vegan friendly


1 x Hemu Wood Soap Dish

1 x Sisal Soap Bag

1 x Adornment Therapy Organic Unfragranced Soap Bar 70g

Please note soap wrapper may vary from the one in photo.



organic coconut oil(sodium cocoate), organic shea butter(sodium shea butterate), organic cocoa butter(sodium cocoa butterate), organic castor oil(sodium castorate)


Place soap bar (either whole or slice off a fraction) into soap bag. Wet soap bag with water and agitate the soap in the bag until it lathers. Scrub skin lightly, taking care not to get soap into eyes or other mucus membranes.