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Our Vision

Adornment Therapy's main aim is to provide people with aromatherapy to help prevent if not aid with 'dis-ease' of the body, mind & spirit. So whatever ailment you suffer from be it acne, not sleeping through the night, sneezing through the day or any other health issue, Tamara will try to advise you of natural solutions to be used individually or as a complementary addition to conventionally prescribed medication. 

Adornment Therapy's philosophy is, 'don't put anything on your body that you wouldn't put into your body'. This is because the skin, although its main function is to protect the internal organs from infection and environmental changes, absorbs substances (although usually minimal) through the epidermis into the bloodstream. We make bespoke cosmetics and toiletries which are 100% natural with, or without the addition of essential oils. These are subject to a one-off consultation, which then provides you with exclusive access to all of Adornment Therapy's bespoke products.

However we do sell a few products not made by us, which are not 100% natural but have been requested for by numerous customers. These products are available in our online store without the need to register for a consultation.

Complementary treatments are available for those suffering from acute or chronic illness. This is subject to a detailed consultation which is kept confidential, but communication with your G.P. is preferred so that there is mention of aromatherapy treatments on your medical notes. 

 Although a single aromatherapy treatment can help you feel relaxed or revived, there will be no long lasting effect. In this case, Tamara would usually recommend a bespoke treatment plan that could vary from one week to several months.

Adornment Therapy's products have been created for you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without having to leave your home or daily working environment. Our diffusers help scent the air with essential oils that can help to facilitate a relaxing stress-free environment.


Reed Diffuser Collection


Adornment Therapy also handcraft essential oil candles and when used with our bath products, body balms and massage oils increase the aromatherapeutic effect. 

Particular treatment plans for example for skin ailments usually require products which should be applied to the affected area.


Face & Body mist


Although highly beneficial, the cost of aromatherapy massage can work out to be quite expensive over the course of several months, with at least one 30 minute weekly massage session. Just 6 months of treatments can add up to over £700. We found that for many in this current economic climate this was just not affordable and we wanted to ensure quality aromatherapy could be accessible to people of all economic means. So we keep striving to make our natural handcrafted products affordable. Therefore the cost of a treatment plan with bespoke aromatherapy products not including aromatherapy massage would work out much more affordable in the long term.

                                    Examples of bespoke product: (clockwise) mouthwash, lipbalm & body balm