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Make It Yourself (MIY) Bath Soak Gift Set

Adornment Therapy

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1x glass jar (style may vary from image), 1x wooden scoop, 1x empty bath tea bag and the ingredients below.

50g Epsom Salt, 50g Dead Sea Salt, 50g Himalayan Pink Salt,

1g Rose Petals, 1g Calendula Petals & 1g Lavender

MIY Bath Soak - Layered Effect

  1. Open the jar provided and add the Epsom Salts.
  2. Press the salts down firmly, then add Lavender.
  3. Press the lavender firmly, now add Dead Sea Salt.
  4. Press the salt down firmly and add Rose Petals (pressing them firmly.
  5. Add Himalayan Pink Salt (level)
  6. Top with Calendula Petals and fasten the lid
  7. For best results leave to infuse for at least 24 hours.
  8. Your product is now ready for you to enjoy!

Store in a dry dark area for a longer shelf life.