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Make It Yourself (MIY) Clay Mask Gift Set - Mini Trial

Make It Yourself (MIY) Clay Mask Gift Set - Mini Trial

Adornment Therapy

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The Perfect Pamper Gift!

Make It Yourself (MIY) Clay Mask Gift Set - Mini Trial contains:

1x 5g (Kaolin) White Cosmetic Clay Powder 

1x 12g (Green Montmorillonite) Green Cosmetic Clay Powder 

1x 14g (Rhassoul) Moroccan Lava Clay 

1x 10ml Bottle Witch Hazel Hydrolat

1x 10ml Bottle Lavender Hydrolat

1x Applicator Sponge

1x Wooden Mixing Spoon

1x Mini Fine China Mixing Bowl


 Kaolin Clay - The mildest of all cosmetic clays. Great for: sensitive, dry and mature skin types. It gently cleanses and exfoliates, pulling impurities from the skin and encouraging circulation.

Green Montmorillonite Clay aka French Green Clay - It's green colour comes from decomposed plant matter and iron oxide. Great for regular to oily skin types, when using as a face mask. It also works well as an all over body detox by adding to bath water.

Rhassoul aka Moroccan Red Clay - Great for removing excess oil from in and around the hair follicles. It is said by many to remove dryness of the skin. Use it as a mask for hair and skin!

Please note: Due to the varying natural properties of cosmetic clay, the weight of each type varies even though the containers are of identical size.


Hydrolats (Floral Water) are produced as a

by-product of essential oil distillation.

Aloe Vera - soothing, healing and stimulates cell regeneration. Great for skin & scalp irritation, burns (including sunburn), eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and acne.

Tea Tree - antifungal, antibacterial and refreshing, helping to prevent clogging of pores. Great for problem skin and scalp.

Lavender - calming and antibacterial. Great for mild acne, blemishes, mild cuts, burns (including sunburn), insect bites, soothes irritated scalp.

Peppermint - cooling, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Great for soothing itchy skin or scalp. Provides cooling relief after exercise, hot flushes or sunburn.

Rosemary - stimulating and astringent. Stimulates blood flow to the epidermis. Great for oily skin.

Witch Hazel  - astringent,  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  Great for all skin types including sensitive and irritated skin. Soothes mild cuts and burns (including sunburn). Tones skin. Our Witch Hazel is tannin free which helps to prevent over drying and sensitisation.